Gatsby Benchmark 5:

"“Encounters with employers and employees. Every student should have multiple opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace. This can be through a range of enrichment activities including visiting speakers, mentoring and enterprise schemes."

Academy Careers Yearly Cycle

From Year 7 through to Year 13, students have the opportunity to access information and advice from employers and employees. The aim is to raise aspirations of all students, challenge stereotypes, create opportunities and to develop working relationships between the school, the student and the community. These encounters help students to build a plan for their own career journey, help them make decisions and think about the transition from school into adulthood.

Key Stage 3

  1. Tutorial Programmes aims to help students to understand more about themselves (self-development), know where to look for extra curricular information and plan for the future (career management).
  2. Career specific assemblies.
  3. All students take part in the Cultural and Vocational Experience Week activities during an active and enriched programme.
  4. All students take part in PSHE.
  5. Selected students are Introduced to the Shine Programme, York.
  6. All students are encouraged to participate in Enrichment Activities.

Key Stage 4

  1. Tutorial Programme aims to help students identify a range of post 16 options, making informed choices about their future, writing a CV, preparing for interviews, completing application forms.
  2. All students encouraged to attend Macmillan Academy Jobs Fair.
  3. Shine Programme continues with university visits and career aspirational speakers.
  4. Oxbridge links and activities commence.
  5. Students are encouraged to participate in lunchtime career workshops lead by employers and CV writing work shops lead by the Job Centre.
  6. Career specific assemblies.
  7. Students encouraged to participate in The Duke of Edinburgh Award.
  8. Students invited to take part in the National Citizenship Programme.
  9. Careers Expo, virtual workshops and college links.

Key Stage 5

  1. All students encouraged to attend Macmillan Academy Jobs Fair.
  2. Specific workshops for UCAS early applicants, lead by local, leading Professionals.
  3. Ask the Expert Day, where over 50 experts from education and industry offer workshops for Year 12 students.
  4. Virtual links into careers through InvestIn, Speakers for Schools, local university insight events.
  5. Weekly Virtual Mac Talk programme.
  6. Macmillan Academy Getting Involved Programme.