Not only is Mathematics an interesting and stimulating subject in its own right, but it also supports other subjects especially Science, Geography, Business Studies and Technology.

Curriculum Outline: Year 7 Curriculum Outline: Year 8 Curriculum Outline: Year 9

The Mathematics curriculum at Macmillan Academy is currently being designed by our team of experts to encourage challenging learning with a heightened focus on depth of understanding. Problem solving is not an optional extra and many opportunities will be used to contextualise the learning utilising our own problems solving toolbox shared with feeder schools. All students should be fluent with the problem solving toolbox and are encouraged to use it when breaking down barriers any mathematical problem might pose.

The aim of improving problem solving is to ensure that we are developing students who can tackle all problems inside and outside of the maths classroom and assess the validity of answers – after all life doesn’t have an answer booklet! Our curriculum enables our learners to continuously build on their prior learning and ensure a solid foundation of fundamental mathematical concepts that empowers students with the skills to achieve in the classroom and post school life.

The GCSE in Mathematics encourages students to develop confidence in, and a positive attitude towards, mathematics and to recognise the importance of mathematics in their own lives and to society. This qualification prepares students to make informed decisions about the use of technology, the management of money, further learning opportunities and career choices.

Post 16 'A'-Level Mathematics is split into two years. Both years follow the EDEXCEL modular course. Mathematics builds upon topics taken on the Higher GCSE course and also introduces calculus, a higher level of algebra.

The department also offers Further Mathematics, which includes further applied and core modules.

Pure Mathematics begins as an extension to the GCSE Higher Course. There is further work on graphs, algebra and trigonometry, plus new work on calculus i.e. differentiation and integration. The calculus becomes increasingly useful in Year 13 and can be applied to A level subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology. Hence these subjects go very well with A level mathematics.

Department Staff
Staff Role
Mr J Syed Head of Department
Mr N Stott Teacher of Mathematics / Deputy Principal
Mr A Taylor Teacher of Mathematics / KS5 Co-ordinator
Mrs B Ashton Teacher of Mathematics / KS4 Co-ordinator
Mrs H Smith Teacher of Mathematics / KS3 Co-ordinator
Mr S Tombling Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs R Welford Teacher of Mathematics
Mr T Morris Teacher of Mathematics
Mr J Foster Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs V Freer Teacher of Mathematics
Mr O Gillbank Teacher of Mathematics
Miss R Pink Teacher of Mathematics
Miss L Binks Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs A Smallwood Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs L Yeoman Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs T Brown Teacher of Mathematics
Mr W Wilkinson Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs A Cane Learning Support