Students will learn scientific skills in an enriching, laboratory environment with the aim to both challenge and excite.

Curriculum Outline: Year 7 Curriculum Outline: Year 8 Curriculum Outline: Year 9

We strive to inspire a new generation of young scientists who tackle the burning issues of the day and provide scientific answers to puzzling problems.

he science curriculum aims to provide the foundations for understanding through a specific body of knowledge, curiosity, excitement and natural phenomena. At Macmillan students should be encouraged to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave and analyse causes.

At Macmillan we strive to incorporate effective learner behaviours alongside effective teacher behaviours in modelling cycles of learning. The 10 big idea topic headings include: Forces, Electromagnetism, Energy, Waves, Matter, Reactions, Earth, Organisms, Ecosystems and Genes. Each idea contains four smaller topics: the building blocks for the big ideas.

Student Assessment;
    Students will be assessed throughout the academic year which will feed directly into termly data entry points. Assessments will be a combination of knowledge recall and extended writing. Assessments will build upon prior knowledge. Students will also be given a specific target on which to improve both their literacy, numeracy and scientific skill. Students will have a copy of the Science flight path in their books so they are aware of expectations and of the key Science skills (potentially linked to the GCSE grades so that our departmental policy fits in with whole school termly drop policy.)

Department Staff
Staff Role
Mr T Shaw Head of Department
Mrs M Hart Teacher of Biology
Mrs N Rochelle Teacher of Biology
Mrs D Arrowsmith Teacher of Physics
Mrs L Hill Teacher of Science / Head of Post 16 Chemistry
Mr M Gardner Teacher of Science
Mr J Foster Teacher of Science
Mrs M Fawcett Teacher of Science / Head of Sustaibaillity
Mrs R Agar-Plews Teacher of Science
Mrs K Garbutt Teacher of Science
Mrs R Costello / KS4 Progress Manager Teacher of Science
Dr R Moran Teacher of Science
Mrs L Shaw Teacher of Science
Dr M Brodie Teacher of Science
Mrs N Butcher Teacher of Science
Miss C Richards Teacher of Science
Mr A Embleton Teacher of Science
Mr M Silk Science Technician
Mr M Silk Science Technician
Mr J Day Science Technician