We are very proud of our high standards and our policy regarding uniform reflects this. Within the local community our maroon blazer and high standards of dress are instantly recognisable and clearly identify our students amongst their peers.

We understand that uniform can be costly and for this reason we have kept the need for branded items with the academy logo to a minimum.

Please see below the expectations for our uniform:

Essential items:

  • Maroon blazer
  • Academy clip-on tie
  • Plain white shirt with collar and sleeves (tucked in and top button fastened)
  • Full length plain black/dark grey trousers (with zip at the front) or skirts. No leggings, jeggings, jean-type material, no pinstripes/checks.
  • Skirts are to be plain, no pleats or buckles and worn just above the knee.
  • Black/dark grey socks or tights (no patterns).
  • Plain black shoes with no badges or large designer labels/symbols. The following shoes are examples of what is unacceptable: trainers, boots worn with a skirt or worn over trousers, leisure or canvas shoes. Designer label clothing/shoes often fail to meet our uniform standards so, if you are in doubt please check with the student development team before purchase.
main school uniform
Optional items:
  • Plain black/dark grey v-neck jumper or cardigan (worn under the blazer, no zips, with tie knot clearly visible)
  • Hijab (either plain black or plain white only)
  • None of these items should consist of 'fashion wear'. Visible labels and branding of any type are not acceptable.
Hair, Makeup & Jewellery:
  • No tramlines, patterns or symbols
  • Dyed hair should be of a natural colour
  • Hair must not cover the eyes
  • Long hair must be tied back in practical subjects (students must provide their own bobble)
  • The only jewellery permitted is a watch and one pair of plain stud earrings (one in each ear lobe)
  • If a student has the top of their ear or nose pierced they are not allowed to wear jewellery in it. They will also not be allowed to wear a plaster to cover it.
  • False eyelashes are not permitted under any circumstances
  • Acrylic and/or coloured nails are not permitted

  • Ordering Academy Uniform

    You can order our uniform from:
    17 Stephenson Street
    Gladstone Industrial Estate
    Stockton on Tees
    TS17 6AL

    You are welcome to visit them in person to purchase uniform, or order online using the link below.

    Motif8 Schoolwear Online

    We also have second-hand uniform available for a small fee. Please contact your child's Head of Year for further details.

    PE Kit

    For information about our PE kit, please see the letter below from our Head of PE, Mr Coates.

    Academy PE Kit Policy Motif8 Online

    Uniform Recycling and Uniform Swap

    Does your son / daughter have any Macmillan Academy school uniform that no longer fits? Or uniform that is no longer need?
    We will take it!

    Alternatively, if you need any help with uniform for your child/children, then we maybe albe to help!

    If you need help with uniform or have uniforn you would like to donate, please contact the school confidentially by e-mailing: