Years 10 & 11 and the qualification taken in those years hold great importance, not just over our student's next years in education but their future careers as well.

In Key Stage 4, English language, English literature, mathematics, science and PE are compulsory subjects that all students must study. Other important subjects such as citizenship, careers, enterprise, PSHE and work-related learning are taught through the tutorial programme and special events.

Subject Hours Per Week
English Literature/Language 4
Mathematics 4
Physical Education 2
Option A 3
Option B 3
Option C 3
Option D 3
Total Hours 25

Our full outline and programme for key Stage 4 for the academic year 2020-21 can be found by downloading our 'Routes 2020' booklet below.

This booklet was given to all students in Year 9 and parents/guardians before their interviews in preperation for choosing their subject choices.

Routes 2020 Booklet - Click To Download