We aim to raise the aspirations of young people of all abilities and every social background by educating them to the highest measurable standards by providing them with a varied rich diet of activities and experiences.

Curriculum Outline: Year 7 Curriculum Outline: Year 8 Curriculum Outline: Year 9

Physical Education provides students with high expectations to extend all students’ previous knowledge, skills and understanding through a range of lessons and activities.

Students will be taken on a journey of personal development as they learn about the importance of leading an active lifestyle and how this can develop their social, cognitive and physical skills.

In addition, topical links to the KS4 curriculum are embedded to establish the foundational knowledge that will be required by students who go on to pursue Physical Education or BTEC Sport in Key Stage 4 and 5.

Our students will learn to become independent learners and effective leaders by being encouraged to ‘think for themselves’. Enjoyment is focused on heavily to ensure students’ are enthusiased by PE, physical activity and school sport regardless on their primary school experience.

  • Offer a broad and balanced curriculum that provides students a range of enjoyable sport and physical related activities
  • To allow students to demonstrate thorough knowledge and understanding of a range of sport and physical activities and effectively apply these to a variety of roles
  • To ensure students understand what constitutes maximal effort and how their body adapts to this to improve their healthy active lifestyles
  • To enhance students’ understanding of key technique when performing exercises ensuring they have a desire to improve
  • To clarify what constitutes an inspirational sports performer and how to become a role model
  • To develop students’ technical and skill related sports skills that link to thinking and decision making
  • To provide opportunities to develop beyond academic lessons through a varied extra-curricular and sports leadership programme allowing students to demonstrate commitment, participation and competitiveness

Department Staff
Staff Role
Mr S Coates Head of Department
Mr O Stanton Teacher of PE & Sport / Senior Leader
Miss J Wilson Teacher of PE & Sport / Core PE Coordinator
Miss S King Teacher of PE & Sport / Community Partnerships Director
Mrs H Richardson Teacher of PE & Sport / Head of Year
Mr T Atkinson Teacher of PE & Sport / A Level and GCSE PE Co-ordinator
Mrs C Alderson Teacher of PE
Miss S Parkinson Teacher of PE
Mr D Rayner Teacher of PE
Mr R Foreman Teacher of PE
Mr N Coleman Teacher of PE
Mr R Foreman Teacher of PE
Mr P Braithwaite Teacher of PE