Welcome to Macmillan Academy!

Welcome to the Year 6 into Year 7 page for students joining Macmillan Academy in September 2020.

We know that moving from primary to secondary school is a huge step and we hope that you will find everything you need here in one place.

You will find more information on our main website. We would also recommend that you follow us on facebook and on twitter (@macmillanschool).

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Mrs R Coning
Head of School

Reopening Guidance (PDF)
Reopening Guidance (Video)

Key Staff

Below are the key staff who will be playing a major part in your time during Year 7 at the Academy:

R Coning - Head of School
S Barrett - Head of Year

K Brown - Assistant Head of Year
F Daffurn - Deputy Principal (Student Development)
O Stanton - Assistant Principal (Student Development)


These videos should provide you with a little glimpse of life inside Macmillan Academy, and hopefully a taste of what is to come for you this coming year!


The Academy Experience Academy Sports Review

1: Introduction to Macmillan with Mrs Barrett 2: Tour of the Academy 3: Academy Uniform 4: Settling In 5: Introducing your Tutors!

Information Booklet

We hope that everything you need to know is in this booklet. For more information then please look at our main wesbite.

Please download the booklet (in PDF format) by clicking the link below:

Year 6 Information Booklet
Motif8 Ordering & Appointments Macmillan PE Kit Bundles

Transition Activities

We would strongly encourage students to have a go at these transition activities.

Please send completed booklets to year6@macademy.org.uk.

We can’t wait to see them!


1: Being Awesome! 2: Unlocking Your Mind 3: Dare to take risks
4: Making the change 5: Lost but not lost 6: Bouncebackability
7: What is normal anyway 8: Friendships and fallouts 9: Living well
Be Awesome Go Big Workbook (printable) Be Awesome Go Big Workbook (editable)
PiXL Video Links Numerise: Great Maths Activities! Read for Good!


Building Resilience Growth Mindset Making the Change
Helping Your Child Get Into Good Habits Transition into Secondary School

Encourage your child to try and complete as many of these activities as they can before starting secondary school.

Activity Sheet