history provides students with an exciting opportunity to discover and develop a wealth of knowledge about events in both the near and distant past.

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Students will be taken on a journey of understanding as they learn about the world in which they live through studying events in history.

It is especially important that our students learn to value the significance of the area in which they live and KS3 history endeavours to inspire pride in our local history by drawing links throughout our scheme of work to developments that were happening locally. Students will also discover the significance of national and international events and the impact these had on different groups and our nation as a whole.

In addition, topical links to the KS4 curriculum are embedded to establish the foundational knowledge that will be required by students who go on to pursue history at GCSE. To this end, students will also develop and rehearse the skills that are required for success at GCSE through their formative and summative assessments.

Department Aims
  • Students will experience the richness and variety of our historical past - locally, nationally and internationally
  • Students will understand how events unfold in chronological order so they can explore the significance of connections between events/time periods and the short- and long-term impact of key developments
  • Students will enhance their understanding of different factors that impact on events by exploring social, political and economic effects
  • Staff will inspire a love of history in our students that leads them to be inquisitive learners and to make connections between what has gone before them, the world in which they live and what is still yet to happen. This will lead to an increase in the number of students choosing to pursue history at GCSE level

Key Concepts
Our students will learn key historical concepts such as cause and consequence, continuity and change, significance of events and key individuals, methods of historical enquiry including how evidence is used and exploring different interpretations of the past.

History will elevate the language of our students and assist with their literacy skills by teaching them to ‘speak like an historian.’ Students will be provided with topical, subject specific vocabulary which they will rehearse and apply appropriately to raise the quality of their verbal communication and written work. This will provide an oratory foundation that will enhance GCSE success.

Department Staff
Staff Role
Mrs K Dixon Head of Department
Mrs C Hodgson Teacher of History
Mrs S Creasey Teacher of History
Mrs R Coning Teacher of History / Head of School
Miss L Vipond Teacher of History
Mr P Latham Teacher of History / Principal
Mr A Jordan Teacher of History / Deputy Principal