IMPORTANT: You must now apply on the Common Admissions Form supplied to you by your local LEA.

Academy Admission Arrangements 21-22 Academy Admission Arrangements 22-23 Academy Admission Policy

When using the Common Admissions Form supplied to you by your local LEA, it is obviously important that you name, at the top of the list, the school which is your first preference. If you really want your son or daughter to come to Macmillan Academy you should write that name at the top of the form. The form should be returned directly to the LEA in the pre-paid envelope which came with it or apply on line as instructed by the LEA.

Students who name Macmillan Academy will be invited for a task as part of the national process of ‘fair-banding’. This is not a pass or fail task. It simply ensures that children across the full range of ability are admitted to Macmillan.

The order in which places are given at the academy are clearly detailed in the guide for parents – ‘Primary and Secondary Education in Middlesbrough’.

As specialisms are no longer central to the education system the academy will not use a specialism in outdoor education as a method of securing entry into the academy.

For September 2020/21 our Year 7 on roll is 264.

Catchment Area
catchment area map

Academy Catchment Area Map (PDF Version)

Admissions Contact
  • Mrs A Gettings (Admissions Officer)
  • Macmillan Academy
  • Stockton Road
  • Middlesbrough
  • TS5 4AG

  • Phone: (01642) 800800
  • Fax: (01642) 353000