As an academy we are constantly striving to enhance the learning experiences and outcomes for all of our students.

Accordingly, over the past 2 years we have developed and implemented a Teaching and Learning strategy based upon the core principles of the latest most applicable research.

All staff receive ongoing training on our Teaching and Learning framework, which is central to the culture and policies of the academy.

As an academy we refer to this framework as OPTIC (optimising teacher impact in the classroom).

At its heart is a recognition that effective learning can only be achieved through a partnership between student and teachers. As an academy, our commitment to our students is to provide effective teaching.

Teachers achieve this through; thoughtful planning, clear instructions and explanations, questioning students to check their understanding, having positive relations and high expectations.

teaching and learning

teaching and learning optic model

In return we expect all our students to demonstrate the following effective learning behaviours at all times; communicate, actively listen, ask questions, collaborate, ask for and respond to feedback, reason, practise/ rehearse, make connections, organise learning, monitor and reflect on progress and set targets.

As parents/guardians we ask your assistance in instilling and enforcing these behaviours in your daughter/son in order, that they and their classmates may reach their full educational potential.

Students will be asked to carry on their learning at home. Please support students by asking them to; remove any sources of distraction (e.g. put away unnecessary devices) answer in full sentences, read material prior to answering a questions, proof-read answers and not to plagiarise and always try their hardest.

Over the past 18 months we have experienced unpreceded change. Our current cohort have shown great resilience in the face of adversity and we as an academy are immensely proud of the way in which they have risen to these challenges. Thank you in anticipation of your continued support.