We recently had the pleasure of hosting the acclaimed author, Steve Skidmore, for a day filled with literary exploration and inspiration.

The event proved to be an incredible experience for both students and staff alike.

Year 7 students were treated to a captivating session with Steve, where laughter echoed through the hall as he shared his wisdom on the path to becoming amazing authors. The session was not only entertaining but also gave students valuable insights into the world of storytelling, leaving them motivated and eager to embark on their own literary journeys.

Year 8 students also delved into the captivating world of Shakespeare's Macbeth through an informative workshop led by Steve. The workshop brought the classic tale to life, offering students a deeper understanding of the characters, themes, and intricacies of one of Shakespeare's timeless masterpieces.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Skidmore for sharing his passion for storytelling and literature. His engaging and informative sessions have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on our students, giving them a love for reading, writing, and the exploration of literary classics.

To catch a glimpse of this fantastic event, be sure to check out our film