Gatsby Benchmark 6:

"Every student should have first – hand experiences of the workplace through work visits, work shadowing and/or work experience to help their exploration of career opportunities and expand their networks."

Work experience, work shadowing and work place visits expose students to the world of work. The placements encourage students to explore career areas they think they will like, prepare them for the routine of work and the expectations within it. The potential benefits for each student can be life enriching, including the chance to re think their plans, meet new people, develop networks and increase their skills. Students have more to put on their CV and job applications, learn to identify skills gained and create better job prospects. Employers value communication, confidence, problem solving and initiative, all of which are skills Macmillan Academy students are encouraged to develop in their journey as young professionals, through a rich work related learning programme.

In Year 9, all students have the opportunity to apply for an internal work experience placement in numerous key areas of the Academy. The placement is one week, with the student completing a daily diary of what they did, the skills gained, the staff they worked with and a CV.

Year 9 work experience stopped due to Covid, but we hope it will resume once it is safe to.

In Year 10 all students are encouraged to actively start their work experience placement search, using networks at home, extended family, friends, school etc. This process can include a CV and covering letter and an interview. Personal Protective Equipment is available for students at school and is to be returned in the same excellent condition as it was loaned. Students learn to navigate bus routes, working hours, take responsibility for their lunch, their safety and the safety of others.

Covid has impacted on Year 10 work experience and this year Macmillan Academy is offering a virtual year 10 work experience. This takes place through tutor time in our final summer half term and is delivered in IT suites. Students can explore up to 84 careers, watching insightful videos, completing work books, gaining web links, understanding key skills and labour market information.

In Post 16, all students are advised to gain work experience linked to their career pathway. They are all supported in finding weekend and part time job applications, voluntary or charity work.

PPP Professional Placement Programme
The PPP has been designed for Post 16 students interested in gaining a work experience placement, as well as preparation for interviews and assessment centres. The programme works directly with companies in finance, law, retail, engineering, health, communications and IT. Students must attend an information meeting with the company, then apply if interested. If an application is successful, it leads to a meaningful work placement offer, which includes invitation to a graduate assessment centre at Marks and Spencer, with testimonial of attendance, useful for those who are job/ apprenticeship searching.

Covid has meant the PPP has not been offered, however, it will be resumed, once restricted are lifted.

In normal times, Macmillan Academy students are offered work placement visits through curriculum time. These can be linked to the subject studied or to their career interest. They can be specifically targeted to areas where there is a local labour market need or the need to balance gender inequality. Companies may contact ourselves, sometimes offers come directly via organisations, the local community, or directly from parents or through our active alumni.

For further details on companies we work alongside, please follow the link to the Annual Careers Report 2019, found in Gatsby 1.

The below are a sample of the larger organisations that offer us links with employer workplace experiences.