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Personal Details

It is important that any change in circumstance e.g. change of address, telephone number, emergency contact or surname, are notified to the Academy through Mrs Hill, Post 16 Student Support as soon as they occur.


The same high standard of behaviour is expected from students whilst travelling to and from the Academy on buses as we do whilst they are in the building. The Academy appoints Post 16 Students to become Bus Monitors on the buses. If you wish to become a bus monitor please speak to Mr Stanton..


If you have passed your driving test and wish to bring a car onto site you can only park in ‘Goals’ next to Macmillan Academy reception.

Part-Time Work

Part-Time work is a way for many Post-16 students to gain valuable skills and experience from the wide variety of jobs that they do. However, national research has shown that students working more than 12 hours a week are likely to reduce their final academic achievements by at least one grade per subject.

Therefore please keep your academic commitments in mind when accepting offers of employment.


You are not allowed to smoke in any Academy building which is consistent with the NO Smoking Ban. If you wish to smoke you should do so away from the Academy premises and not at the visitors’ entrance.


The Dining Hall serves a variety of hot and cold food including healthy options. Barista’s is also available from 8.00am to 4.00pm as a café for Post 16 students and staff.

However, it is closed to students during registration.


Check your use of commas, speech marks, question marks and full stops. Have you missed out or put too many in? Reading your work aloud helps you to identify natural pauses, stops, etc.

Capital Letters

Put a circle around the capital letters you have put in the wrong place, and underline letters which should be capitals but aren’t.


Put ‘NP’ in the margin where you need to start a new paragraph when you redraft your work. Remember to indent the first line. When using speech marks the golden rule is NEW SPEAKER, NEW LINE, NEW PARAGRAPH


Underline the words which you think you may have spelt wrongly, and then check them using a dictionary/spell check. Remember to use the LOOK, COVER, WRITE, CHECK method to learn the new words as you go along. You may also be able to find the correct spellings in textbooks or displayed in classrooms

Weak Spots

Are there any good ideas in the writing that you have not explained very clearly? Try to write more detail on these points. Remember whoever reads your work may not be able to picture what was in your head!

Cross Out

If there are any parts of your writing which are not necessary or you decide you don’t like when you reread your work, don’t be afraid to cross them out.


Now read what you have written one more time just to enjoy what you have worked hard to produce.

Second Opinion

Give your work to someone else to read. Can they give you any good advice? Does it sound right if you read your writing aloud to someone else?

You need a day off and you know about it in advance?

If it is a holiday fill out a yellow form For all other absences fill out a blue form

You are going to be absent that day?

Phone in by 9.00am on: 01642 736583


You need some help with careers/ your next steps after Post 16?

Make an appointment with Miss Cook in the Careers Library

You have a problem that you want to share with it?

Speak to your tutor

You are struggling with your lessons?

Speak to the subject teacher/ Head of Department

You need bus money

Go to see Mrs Hill


You have lots of support available to you. Openness and honesty are important for your success. The following people are here to help you to be as successful and happy as possible: Your personal tutor Subject teachers Heads of Department Miss Cook (Careers Advisor) Mrs Hill (Post 16 Student Support) Mrs Turner (Assistant Head of Post 16) Mrs Coning (Head of Post 16)

Academic Tutoring

There are no longer any Parents’ Evenings at Post 16 but individual subject teachers will set subject specific targets as part of one to one meetings. These targets will be set at a meeting by all students so that improvements can be made in your studies.

Academic Tutoring will take place twice in Year 12 and again in Year 13. You and your parents are invited to meet with your personal tutor on the day for an extended conversation about progress being made.

Progress Reviews

Your progress will regularly be monitored in Post 16. Academic tutoring will take place following your first set of data in November. This is a day where you are off timetable and you and your parents are invited to meet with your personal tutor for an extended conversation about the progress that you are making.

You will have other regular progress points throughout the year. Additionally, there will be a subject teacher consultation evening (STCE) where you and your parents can discuss your progress directly with your subject teachers.

Project Weeks

At the end of Year 12 there will be a six week period known as Project Weeks. You will be set a significant project by each department and this will have to be completed to a standard reflecting your ability to enable you to enrol onto Year 13 courses.

These Project Weeks have been designed to improve your independent learning skills and to allow time for valuable work experience and university visits.

Entry Requirements for Year 13

You will have an enrolment interview for Year 13. This will focus on your AS results, your commitment throughout Year12, your intended plans for Year 13 and your future plans. You will need to have achieved at least a D grade in an AS level to allow you to continue to study that subject in Year 13. If you are studying BTECs, then you will have to have at least passes in all of the units that you have studied.


We believe we are the best Sixth Form provider in the local area. But don’t just take our word for it. Our results speak for themselves. In 2016 we had a 100% pass rate with 55% of our A level entries being A*-B grade.

Latest News

Awards Evening 2017

Our annual awards evening took place here at the academy on Tuesday 12th September. It was a very special event in which we celebrated and applauded the progress and achievements of our students during the past academic year.

Results Day Success!

Staff and students at Macmillan Academy are celebrating another superb set of Post 16 results. Students achieved an all-time high of 25 A* grades and almost one in three A level grades was awarded either an A or A*.

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