Macmillan Post 16

Attendance Policy

You need to be in registration by 8.25am. If you arrive after this time you will be marked late.

If you come in after 8.25am you must sign the late book (kept at Post 16 reception). A form should be filled in for absences that are known about in advance (this must be signed by your tutor).

In all other cases Post 16 must be informed of your absence before 9.00am. Anybody marked absent in registration and not in the late book will be contacted at home.

Should you wish to leave the site at any point throughout the day you will need to sign in and out at Post 16 reception.

Poor attendance or persistent absence without informing the Academy will be dealt with.

Attendance Policy - Download

Disciplinary Policy

Disciplinary procedures for Post 16 students will mirror the world of work and will happen through a series of stages. Depending on the level of severity of any incident some of these stages could be missed out (at the discretion of the Head of Post 16). A serious incident will be dealt with under the clause of gross misconduct and could lead to instant dismissal.

Preliminary Stage
Tutor will investigate and issue an informal reprimand. The tutor will also provide support for the student. Examples of minor offences – Unsatisfactory timekeeping, Poor behaviour, Unauthorised absenteeism, Missing deadlines, Persistent failure to adhere to Dress Code

Stage 1
Verbal warning from Assistant Head of Post 16 A note will be made and kept on file. (Disregarded after 3 months if there is not a further problem).

Stage 2
Written warning from Assistant Head of Post 16 Parents/Guardians Informed (Disregarded after 6 months if there is not a further problem).

Stage 3
Formal written warning from Head of Post 16 Parents / Guardians informed and invited into the Academy for discussion. (Usually disregarded at the end of the academic year but can be extended depending on the severity of the incident).

Stage 4
Student will be put onto a contract at this stage by the Head of Post 16. Student will be asked to leave Post 16 if the contract is broken.

Gross Misconduct
Includes – Physical violence, malicious damage, bullying, being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol on site, theft, Introduction of unofficial software onto Post 16 & Macmillan Academy computers.

(Other offences to be decided at the discretion of the Head of Post 16)

A list of students on the various stages will be kept by the Head of Post 16.

Disciplinary Policy - Download

Dress Code

We expect you to act as role models throughout the Academy. This is especially true in relation to the way that you dress. The reasons that we have a dress code are as follows:

  • The Academy is a professional environment and as such we expect you to dress in a professional manner
  • We are preparing you for the world of work where it is likely that many of you will have to adopt professional/ business dress
  • We want you to take pride in how you look. First impressions do count
  • You can still have some choice about what you do wear

The dress code expected is shown below:

Shirt with a collar (this could be a polo shirt)
Smart Trousers
Optional: suit jacket, smart jumper/ cardigan
Smart Top
Smart skirt, trousers or dress (skirts and dresses must be of an appropriate length)
Optional: suit jacket, smart jumper/ cardigan
  • All sports students must attend the academy in dress code and then change for sporting activities
  • Religious attire which conforms to the Dress Code is permitted
  • Any tattoos must be covered
  • Facial piercings should not be visible
  • Students who fail to comply with the Dress Code requirements will be asked to go home and change into appropriate clothes and return

Dress Code - Download

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