Update from Ross's Schoolwear

We will re-open the shop on June 15, but following Government guidelines we will only be allowing one family in at a time. For this reason we are encouraging parents to buy uniform from the web site listed below or by phone, until it is safe revert to usual practice.

For those parents who wish to come to the shop, we will be well protected with hand sanitiser, plastic screens, gloves etc.

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Uniform & Dress Code

We are very proud of our high standards and our policy regarding uniform reflects this. Within the local community our maroon blazer and high standards of dress are instantly recognisable and clearly identify our students amongst their peers.

Macmillan Academy uniform

  • Maroon blazer
  • Academy clip-on tie
  • Plain white shirt with collar and sleeves (tucked in and top button fastened)
  • Full length plain black/dark grey trousers (with zip at the front) or skirts. No leggings, jeggings, jean-type material, no pinstripes/checks.
  • Skirts are to be plain, no pleats or buckles and worn just above the knee.
  • Black/dark grey socks or tights (no patterns).
  • Plain black shoes with no badges or large designer labels / symbols. The following shoes are examples of what is unacceptable: trainers, boots worn with a skirt or worn over trousers, leisure or canvas shoes. Designer label clothing / shoes often fail to meet our uniform standards so, if you are in doubt please check with the student development team before purchase.
* The academy blazer and tie are available from Ross's, 45 Borough Road, Middlesbrough.

None of these items should consist of ‘fashion wear’. Visible labels and branding of any type are not acceptable even on PE shorts.

Academy PE Kit Policy
Academy PE Kit - Motif8

  • plain black/dark grey v-neck jumper or cardigan (worn under the blazer, no zips, with tie knot clearly visible)
  • hijab (either plain black or plain white only).
Mobile Devices
Years 7-11 will not be permitted to be seen with mobile phones on site.

Post 16 students will be able to continue responsibly using their mobile phones. We understand that mobile phones may provide a level of safety for students on the way to and from the academy and so we are aware that students may have a mobile phone with them. The expectation is that if a student has a mobile phone on their person, it is turned off and is away.

Students should not be seen with a mobile phone for as long as they are in the grounds of the school building. This is inclusive of social time, including break and lunch and applies whether students are inside or outside of academy buildings.

  • No tramlines, patterns or symbols
  • Dyed hair should be of a natural colour
  • Hair must not cover the eyes
  • Long hair must be tied back in practical subjects (students must provide their own bobble).
  • The only jewellery permitted is a watch and one pair of plain stud earrings (one in each ear lobe)
  • If a student has the top of their ear or nose pierced they are not allowed to wear jewellery in it. They will also not be allowed to wear a plaster to cover it.
  • The drinking of water is permitted in lessons unless there is a health and safety issue (ie: science and ICT)
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.
  • Students should not visit the toilet during lessons unless in emergency or they have a medical card
  • If a student must leave your lesson, they need to have a note in their planner with the time they have left.
Banned items
  • Pressurised containers of any description are not allowed on site. Cans of drink are not allowed in packed lunches and high sugar drinks of any description are not allowed to be brought onto site. Spray deodorants cause problems in PE changing rooms affecting the breathing of staff and students. Roll on/stick or pump action deodorants are recommended
  • Sweets and unhealthy snacks
  • Coloured and/or long acrylic/false nails
  • False eyelashes.

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