PE Provisions

Curriculum provisions for PE and sport

Our curriculum has at its heart; collaborating, questioning, imagining, reasoning, persevering, empathising and reviewing.

"The development and inclusion of Outdoor Learning with the PE curriculum has been a hugely positive impact on our provision." outdoor Learning

Students rock climbing

A Level

A Level PE students also undertake an indoor rock climbing course. This course continues to develop students who have climbed at GCSE and introduces a range of new skills. The vast majority of students typically submit this as one of their two sports which makes up 20% of their final AS grade.

Students mountain biking


In Yr12 the BTEC Sport course contains an outdoor adventurous activities module that we deliver. For this unit students must experience a range of activities and show proficiency in two areas. As such, students typically experience white water rafting and the high ropes course with the main focus being rock climbing and mountain biking.