The e-learning scheme has the potential to change the way in which your son/daughter learns both within the Academy and at home. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.


Students in the Academy have access to a virtual learning environment, or VLE for short. The VLE that we have selected is called Frog. Frog uses web technology to improve the communication between every student and teacher in the Academy. Teachers will use Frog to set homework and coursework tasks. Students will see the tasks and deadlines whenever they log in.

In addition to this, Frog will give students easy access to their computer files, both from within the Academy and at home. It will allow your child to access curriculum resources such as lesson notes, PowerPoint presentations, past exam papers and mark schemes.

In the future Frog will also act as a central hub for information such as the timetable, calendar events, sporting events, enrichments, subject support sessions, trips and visits. In time behaviour information such as merits, demerits, commendations and detentions will also be visible using Frog.

Frog will become the central point of access to information for your son/daughter. We think it will help organise their time in the Academy. To get the most from Frog students will need to be able to access it regularly. This is one of the reasons why we think it important that your son/daughter has the use of a personal tablet.


Currently, the vast majority of computers in the Academy are desktop PCs arranged in ICT suites. These computers are in high demand and access is not always easy.

With the introduction of a personal tablet computer, students will be able to access ICT whenever it is appropriate in lessons under the guidance of the teacher. They will also have access at break times and at home.

A personal tablet will open up lots of possibilities for staff and students to integrate the use of ICT in lessons. We think it is important that students learn to use ICT to enhance all of their learning, not just the lessons timetabled in ICT classrooms.


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