Religious Studies

The Religious Studies department is housed in a suite of two main classrooms.

Religious Studies is taught within the Humanities Faculty. We are a very successful department which can boast year on year academic success with students generally meeting or exceeding their target grades and as a department we have a pass rate at GCSE and A level that is above the national average. We have two subject specific trained staff along with a member of staff in the humanities department and the Head of Faculty is also an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST). We have a variety of learning mentors that cater for the Personal Individual Plans (PIPs) of the students to meet their needs.

At key stage 3 students have 1 lesson a week. At Key stage 4 they have 3 lessons a week and at key stage 5 they have 5 lessons a week. Each lesson consists of an hour. Subject support is offered one hour after school each week to offer guided support with student’s work.


Key Stage 3

In Year 7 students cover the following topics: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Pilgrimage and Holy Books.

In Year 8 students will cover: Does God exits? Festivals, Creation Stories, The Death of Jesus and Inspirational people.

In Year 9 students will study: The Sanctity of Life, Crime and Punishment, Death, Animal Rights, Human Rights and Discrimination and War and Peace.

Key Stage 4 & 5

For a detailed breakdown of the GCSE and A-Level courses students will study please visist the links below.

AQA GCSE Specification

AQA A-Level Specification

Beliefs teachings and practices Christianity and Islam – Paper 1: 1 ¾ hours

Thematic studies 4 out of 6 themes (relationships and families; religion and life; the existence of God and revelation; religion, peace and conflict; religion, crime and punishment; religion, human rights and social justice.) - Paper 2 : 1 ¾ hours


The full A level is examined at the end of year 13

Component 1: Philosophy of religion and ethics : 3 hour paper

Component 2: Study of religion(Christianity) and dialogues between philosophy and ethics 3 hour paper

Department Staff

Name Position
Mrs C Hodgson Head of Humanities
Mrs J Craig Teacher of R.S. / KS4 & 5 Co-ordinator
Miss R Thomas Teacher of R.S.
Miss L Vipond Teacher of R.S.
Miss H Wood Teacher of R.S.
Mrs D Kelly Learning Mentor
Miss R Humble Learning Mentor
Miss E Jackson Learning Mentor

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