The Music department is based in a suite comprising of 2 well equipped classrooms and 7 practice rooms, including a band rehearsal room.

The department offers students an excellent opportunity to extend and develop their knowledge of Music in a comfortable and positive learning environment.

All students are encouraged to continue learning or start to learn a musical instrument. The Peripatetic Music teachers at the Academy teach those who have lessons. More information about lessons can be found in the ‘Policies’ section of the Academy website.

Enrichments provide students with a variety of ensembles to join. The department has a Choir, Concert Band, Junior Band, String Group, Guitar Ensemble and Drum Ensemble, all of which perform at the annual Christmas and Summer concerts. More information about these can be found in the enrichments section of the website.

Department Staff

Name Position
Mr D Taylor Head of Music
Mr M Posmyk Teacher of Music

Peripetetic Staff

Name Position
Mrs J Catchpole Clarinet / Saxophone
Mr C Hibbard Brass
Ms C Gale Upper Strings (Violin and Viola)
Mr A Durrant Percussion
Mrs S Burniston Flute
Mrs E Chappell Singing
Mr C Vale Piano
Mr P McArthur Guitar & Bass Guitar
Mrs C McLoughlin Singing


Students at Key Stage 3 will receive one lesson of Music per week. During these lessons students will learn to perform as a soloist and part of an ensemble on a range of instruments including keyboard, ukulele and guitar. They will also compose and investigate a wide range of musical styles. The key components of music; performing, rehearsing, composing and listening and appraising are all developed.

Key Stage 4

Students who opt for GCSE Music receive three lessons per week throughout the course. The course follows the Eduqas specification and consists of three components:

Component 1 - Performing music (worth 30%)
4 minute programme with at least 1 minute as an ensemble performance. The rest of the programme may be either solo, ensemble or a mixture of both. This is internally assessed.

Component 2 - Composing music (worth 30%) 2 compositions, each at least three minutes long. 1x free composition and 1 set to a brief. This is internally assessed.

Component 3 -Appraising music (worth 40%) The duration of the examination is one hour 15 minutes and based on four areas of study:

  • Musical forms and devices
  • Music for ensemble
  • Film music
  • Popular music
There will also be one question each on two set works:
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusick, Movement 2, Mozart
  • Since you’ve Been Gone, Rainbow.

Key Stage 5

Students at Key Stage 5 currently receive 5 lessons per week. The courses follows the Eduqas specification and consists of three units across the 2 years.

1st Year
Component 1 - Performance (worth 30%) 6-8 minute programme performed in front of a live examiner Component 2 - Composing (worth 30%)
2 compositions (1 in the classical style and 1 free choice) totalling up to 7 minutes Component 3 - Appraising (40%)
Set works include a Haydn Symphony and Pop Music 2nd Year Component 1 - Performance (worth 35% or 25% and can be weighted to play to the candidates strengths)
10-12 minute programme performed in front of a live examiner if worth 35% Component 2 - Composing (worth 35% or 25% and can be weighted to play to the candidates strengths)
2 compositions which are developed from the 1st year Component 3 - Appraising (40%)
An extra set work from the twentieth century is studied in this year alongside the Haydn Symphony and Pop Music.

Additional Information

Students studying music at Key Stage 4 and 5 receive free instrumental lessons with the Peripatetic Music staff.


Exam Specifications

Exam Specification
GCSE WJEC (Year 10) AQA (Year 11)


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