Law is a subject which students can opt to study in Post 16. The subject is a study of the English legal system, and educates students on the structure of the system and the legal representatives involved.

The teaching of Law involves looking in detail at real case scenarios and discussing the application of English Law. If you study Law you will also get the chance to meet court and CPS representatives as well as visiting the courts themselves.

Law is also promoted to the lower school in Year 9 through the Year 9 CaVEs. This is a week of activities that are focused around the English legal system, the history of law and careers in the legal system. The week involves a number of activities and visits, the chance to be involved in a mock trial in a real Victorian court room, and is summarised by pupils giving a presentation on what they have learned and experienced in the week.

Name Position
Mrs E Steel Teacher of Law / Head of Department
Miss S Baker Teacher of Law
Mr P Henderson Teacher of Law
Mrs C Bartell Teacher of Law


As of 2010, students have been studying the new BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Law from Edexcel. BTEC qualifications are designed to help build the skills required for the workplace. Over the 2 year course students are given 6 different assignments on different topic areas, the assignments require students to develop a number of skills including research, essay writing, independent learning and presentation skills that will be useful to them should they move on to higher education.

In the first year of the course students will complete 3 units of coursework that focus on Dispute Solving in the Legal System, Understanding Law Making, and Aspects of Legal Liability. In year 2 students will need to take their understanding further to look at aspects of business and criminal law. The qualification is a level 3 BTEC which can be used to earn UCAS points towards applying for University.

Grade boundaries BTEC Subsidiary Diploma Overall grade BTEC Subsidiary Diploma UCAS points
420-459 Pass 40
460-499 Merit 80
500-519 Distinction 120
520 and above Distinction* 140

Exam Specifications

Exam Specification
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