The world we live in is constantly changing. Geography allows us to see why and how it is changing and to make sense of the rapidly evolving world we live in.

The Academy Geography Department is based in three dedicated geography rooms on the top floor of the main building. There are three full-time and one part time teacher within the department and a classroom assistant. Subject support is on Monday after school with Mr Cox and also during every lunchtime Monday-Friday.

Department Staff

Name Position
Mr J Cox Head of Department
Mrs M Ditchburn Teacher of Geography
Miss H Wood Teacher of Geography
Miss D Plant Teacher of Geography

Syllabus - Key Stage 3

Currently during Key Stage 3, students investigate a wide range of people, places and environments at different scales around the world. They learn about geographical patterns and processes and how political, economic, social and environmental factors affect current geographical issues.

They also learn about how places and environments are interdependent. They carry out geographical enquiry inside and outside the classroom. In doing this they identify geographical questions, collect and analyse written and statistical evidence and develop their own opinions. They use a wide range of geographical skills and resources such as maps, satellite images and ICT.


At Year 10 & 11 students follow the AQA GCSE syllabus. This exciting course is based on a balanced framework of physical and human geography. It allows students to investigate the link between the two themes, and approach and examine the battles between the man-made and natural worlds.

Post 16

The AQA Geography course invites students to investigate and explore, in part through their own research, the key ideas and hot topics of our early 21st century world. This content, together with the development of high level skills and a residential field trip in March provides an excellent springboard for higher education or employment. For students who are curious about the World we live in, this is the course for them!


Many students combine geography successfully with science, arts or humanities subjects allowing for wide-ranging career opportunities. As care and management of the environment becomes an ever more important issue it is interesting to note that a significant number of students have gone on to pursue careers in this field.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Field trips are an essential part of Geography and one of the most memorable parts of a student’s experiences of the subject at Macmillan. Students in every year group experience at least one day of field work during the course of that year. Whenever appropriate and possible, student will learn in the grounds of the Academy.

Learning outside of the classroom is a great experience and allows students to apply classroom learning in a real world context and to ‘see for themselves’, applying knowledge and understanding in a practical way.

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