In English the skills you will acquire will provide you with the foundations for all your other subjects, whether you need to write up a science experiment or compose a formal letter in Business Studies.

English at Macmillan Academy, however, is not simply about providing skills for other subjects.

It will be a challenging, thought-provoking, stimulating and relevant subject in its own right. You will be taught to analyse a range of texts across a variety of media, including newspapers, advertising, films and novels, expanding your knowledge of the world and yourself! Our Key Stage 3 curriculum interweaves exciting new, and classic, novels and drama texts with non-fiction texts, different media forms and issues from the world around us. At the core of all our Key Stage 3 learning are the foundations of reading, writing and speaking & listening skills; we aim to foster a secure skills base in all three areas whilst stretching students to experiment and develop new areas of expertise.

You might go into the Sixth Form to study 'A' Levels in English Language or English Literature

In English we offer both Language GCSE and Literature GCSE to all our students. These courses develop the students’ abilities in both reading and writing, as well as exposing them to literary texts. After Key Stage 4 you might go into the Sixth Form to study 'A' Levels in English Language or English Literature, courses which develop analytical skills and critical writing.

Department Staff

Name Position
Mrs S Colabella Head of Department
Ms K Carey Lead Practioner
Miss K Groom KS3 Co-ordinator for English
Mr C Ball English teacher and Head of Year 11
Mrs S Simpson English Teacher (post-16)
Mrs J Glancey English Teacher (post-16)
Mrs S Lambert English Teacher
Mrs S Latham English Teacher (post-16)
Mr M Dunning English Teacher (post-16)
Miss V Greer English Teacher
Mr T Smith English Teacher
Mr C Stevens English Teacher (post-16)
Mrs M Peacock English Teacher (post-16)
Ms S Merritt KS 4 Co-ordinator for English
Mrs B Whiting English Support
Ms V Clements Learning Mentor for English


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