Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking has traditionally been a post-16 subject, available at AS level and A-level and studied in addition to other post-16 subjects for only one lesson per week.

However, at Macmillan we now also offer an AS-level Critical Thinking course to Key Stage 4 students as an enrichment.

Students learn to identify when a persuasive argument is being made, to analyse the argument that is being used and to criticise any such argument where appropriate. This enables students to improve the quality of their own arguments and gives them the skills with which to resolve dilemmas where opposing arguments are a problem.

These highly transferable skills are much sought after by universities and employers. They may also help student achieve more in other subjects.


Students study OCR AS and A2 Critical Thinking

At AS level there are two modules:

Introduction to Critical Thinking Assessing and developing argument Students who successfully complete the AS course can study the A2 course the following year leading to a full A-level. This means that students who have completed the AS in Year 11 can gain a full A-level at the end of Year 12.

There are two further modules at A2:

Ethical Decision-Making
Critical Reasoning

Department Staff

Name Position
Dr R Moran Head of Department / Teacher of Science
Mrs E Steel Teacher of Critical Thinking / Head of Business Studies
Mr A Jordan Higher-level Project Teacher / Deputy Principal


Exam Specifications

Exam Specification
A-Level OCR


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