Student Ambassador Scheme

Why become an ambassador?

Being a student ambassador is an extremely rewarding role, you will have the opportunity to get involved with Post 16 and your experience as an ambassador can also help to enhance UCAS and job applications. This year, for the first time, we have joined forces with Teesside University to launch the Sixth Form Ambassador Programme. This will give you the opportunity to complete a training programme which will be delivered by the University on their campus. This will allow you to learn new skills, gain confidence and also experience University life.

What is involved?

As a student ambassador you will have the opportunity to get involved in lots of different activities, meet new people and most importantly be a representative of Post 16.  You will help us to recruit new students and promote Post 16 through events and open days. As mentioned above, you will also complete a programme of training with Teesside University.

What makes a good ambassador?

Typically, ambassadors are confident, organised and good communicators. A good ambassador will also be positive, polite and friendly.

What is the commitment?

You must be willing to attend the training programme at Teesside University and also be available for open events which are held at the Academy.

How do I apply?

Please see Mrs Hill for further details. The deadline is Friday 29th September – tomorrow!!

How to choose the right subjects at Post 16

You may have already decided which A-levels or BTECs you want to study in September, or you might be really struggling to choose. Two years is a long time to study a subject, so it is really important that you make the right choice. Here are some points to consider:

What do you want to in the future?

If you know what degree you want to study at University, then you may need to choose specific A-Levels to be considered. For example: to study Economics, you usually need Maths. As each University is different, the best idea is to check the entry requirements on University websites.

BTEC or A-level?

We offer A-levels in a wide range of subjects. They are assessed by exam and most of our students usually choose three subjects.

BTECs are more vocational and are assessed by exam and coursework. We currently offer six options – Business, Engineering, ICT, Law, Health and Sport.

It is possible to study both A-levels and BTECs together. If there is a particular University course you want to study then please research the entry requirements.

Post 16 study will be a lot tougher than your GCSEs

Think about why you want to study a particular subject at A-level or BTEC. Do you need it for your chosen career? Is it a subject you enjoy and do well at? Or is it a subject you have not studied before but think it sounds interesting? But be aware – you will see a big difference in the way that you are taught and the commitment that will be expected of you.

Bridging Week is the perfect opportunity to try your chosen subjects before you enrol in September. You can try a variety of subjects and by the end of the week you will hopefully be confident in your final decision.

Your GCSE grades

Ultimately your GCSE results will play a part in which courses you can go on to study. Our standard entry requirements are 5 A*-C at GCSE. To study A-levels you also need a minimum of GCSE level 4 in English and Maths. Many of our subjects  have more specific entry requirements, i.e to study Maths you need a GCSE level 6 or higher at GCSE. All of our entry requirements can be found in the course guide on our website.

Careers Meetings

If you haven’t had a careers meeting, you can speak with Ms. Cook or Mrs Turner in the careers library, for advice and guidance about your decisions.

Hopefully this post has raised some points to get you thinking about your choices.  If you wish to discuss further or have any questions please contact the Post16 team on 01642 736583 or

Marks and Spencer Post 16 Assessment Centre – April 2017

Our students have recently completed our annual assessment centre day, hosted by Marks and Spencer. Careers Advisor, Ms Cook tell us more about what is involved –

Macmillan Academy Post 16 offers experience of the world of work through various career sectors within the Professional Placement Programme. Complimentary to gaining valuable employability skills, Post 16 students are also given support on how to best prepare for recruitment and employability. One such activity offered is attendance at a Marks and Spencer Graduate Assessment Centre.

Students spend a day at Marks and Spencer on this graduate programme, being assessed on various individual and team based scenarios. These include a gruelling interview, role play, presentation and a group exercise. The day is mentally challenging and aims to prepare Post 16 students for future recruitment and success. They are measured on the transferability of their “soft skills,” ones which are developed at college, but demonstrated in the work place. These include problem solving, communication, team work, intelligence and enthusiasm and time management.

By bringing together employers and students through the Professional Placement Programme, we hope to provide the best chance of employment for our students. Students gain up to date knowledge of what employers are seeking when they recruit. We aim to demonstrate to employers that Post 16 students have the qualities and attributes suitable to their place of work, thus building stronger relationships with our business links and in our local community.

Students involved learn more about what is expected from them at interview and recruitment. They also benefit from feedback, advice and guidance. By widening access for Post 16 students to experience assessment centres, work experience and recruitment, Macmillan Academy hopes to maximise student ability to make  well informed decisions and consequently become confident career planners of the future.

What an amazing opportunity! Interested in getting involved? Contact Ms Cook for further details.

5 reasons to choose Macmillan Post 16

September 2017 may seem a long way off but it’s only around the corner! If you are still undecided about where you are going to study after your GCSE’s then our top 5 reasons to choose Macmillan Post 16 may just help.

1. A fantastic place to learn – With our own café, learning resource centre and social spaces for Year 12 and 13 and state of the art Media Suite and Fitness suite , you can be sure that you’ll have all the resources you need to help you succeed.

2. We’ll get you to where you want to be – Every student who left in 2016 had a firm destination, whether it be university, employment or an apprenticeship. With 85% going onto University, students are going  far and wide, from the local universities of Teesside, Newcastle and Durham to those further afield such as Northampton, Coventry and Queen Mary’s

3. Getting Involved – We understand that sixth form isn’t all about studying so we offer a really wide range of extra curricular activities for our students to get involved in.  You might want to stand for Head Boy or Head Girl, continue with your sporting, musical or dramatic interests, or get involved in volunteering. Sixth form students will also have the opportunity of a cultural visit to New York!

4. We have high expectations – We believe that education should be active, engaging and rigorous. Our last exam results are proof of this, as all Year 13 courses had a 100% pass rate. 56% of A level entries were graded at A*-B and a fantastic 77% of vocational entries were awarded the highest levels of Distinction* or Distinction. These results are a reflection of the hard work of students and dedication of Post 16 teaching and support staff at the academy.

5. Financial Support – We are able to provide assistance to those students most in need of financial help through our Bursary Fund. For eligible students, this can mean support with food, transport, books and more. The application process is simple, quick and confidential. If we can help you, we will.

For all of you who have already applied, we look forward to welcoming you to the Academy for Bridging Week 17-21st July.

Haven’t applied yet? Then you can apply online here –



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