Welcome to the Post 16 Blog!

Welcome to our NEW Post 16 Blog! We decided to launch this blog to create the perfect space for you to find out about all the latest news, events and activities happening at Macmillan Academy Post 16.

We’ll also post advice and guidance on a whole range of subjects such as UCAS and revision tips, plus we will be inviting guest bloggers in the shape of current and former students and also staff members to keep things interesting!

Please feel free to comment and share our posts, and if you have any questions, drop us a line on our  Facebook or Twitter page, where we’ll get back to you straight away.

So now that we have our blog, what should we call it? We’re looking for your suggestions and if you provide the best name you will win a £15 high street voucher. To enter, go to our Twitter or Facebook page and reply to the post with your entry and the tag #MacmillanPost16Blog and that’s it! You’re entered! The closing date for entries is 15th March.

Good Luck!