No Smoking Policy

Macmillan Academy has a strict 'No Smoking' policy. This applies to staff, students, parents and visitors. The no smoking rule applies to the main Academy building, Leisure Centre, Learning Centre and all Academy grounds. As a general rule students will be deemed to have been caught smoking if they are:

Seen Smoking

In possession of cigarettes/lighters/matches Breath smelling strongly of tobacco


These rules apply to the Academy and grounds as described above as well as journeys on the Academy buses. Smoking on Dunstable Road, Stockton Road and anywhere within sight of the Academy by students in Years 7-11 is not permissible.

Action Plan

Policy reinforced in bus behaviour letter to parents
Health issues to be given a focus in tutorials
Reparation tasks
Main display board - theme of 'No smoking'


Verbal warning
Letter home
Written warning
Seclusion - break and lunchtime
Seclusion - fixed term

Other Policies


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