Drugs Policy

To whom does the policy apply?

This policy applies to Academy students, all staff, visitors on site and parents.

To what does it apply?

For the purpose of this policy the following definition of a drug will apply:

'A drug is a chemical substance that brings about a change in a person's emotional state, body functioning or behaviour'.

This broad definition allows for the inclusion of all medication, legal/illegal drugs, tobacco, alcohol, volatile substances etc.

Where Does The Policy Apply?

This policy applies at all times when staff are acting in loco parentis this includes educational visits in line with the Schools Educational Visits Policy. The policy also applies to students travelling to and from Academy and during break and lunchtimes. It also affects the use of Academy premises after normal Academy hours. Organisers of any after Academy events should be made aware of the policy and their responsibility to implement it.

Overall Aim

To provide a framework for effective Drug Education and for dealing with drug related incidents within the Academy environment.

We recognise that we are only one component of our student's education and that family, community and social groups all have a contribution to make to Drug Education.

Roles and Responsibilities


Named lead Governor with responsibility is P Lawes.


The Principal takes overall responsibility for providing a safe place of work for all staff and students and as such takes responsibility for this policy, its implementation, and for liaison with the Governing Body, parents and appropriate outside agencies in the event of a drug-related incident.

Assistant Principal (Student Development)

The Assistant Principal (Student Development), together with the Principal, has a general responsibility for supporting other members of staff in the implementation of this policy as well as providing a lead in the dissemination of information relating to drug education. The Assistant Principal (Student Development) is the first point of contact for advice/support in dealing with a drug-related incident.


Parents are encouraged to support the Academy's drug education programme and have access to this policy. Parents have the right to be informed of any incident that could result in potential harm to their child. This can be a very sensitive issue for parents, and therefore, it will be handled with care and consideration. The Principal will consider if there are any special circumstances, which may temper this right.

All Staff

Drug prevention is a whole Academy issue. All staff, both teaching and non-teaching, should be aware of the policy and how it relates to them should they be called upon to deal with a drug-related incident. This includes caretakers and cleaning staff. If they have any queries or training requirements these should be made known to the Assistant Principal (Student Development).


The caretakers regularly check the Academy premises - any substances or drug paraphernalia found will be recorded and reported to SM and dealt with in accordance with this policy.

Dealing with drug related incidents

What to do in the event of finding a drug or suspected illegal substance

Take possession of the drug/substance and inform the Assistant Principal (Student Development), or if not available a senior member of staff.

In the presence of a witness the article should be packed securely and labelled with the date, time and place of discovery.

The package should be signed by the person who discovered it and stored in a secure place, the Assistant Principal (Student Development)'s office.

Arrangements should be made to hand the package over to police. Staff should not attempt to analyse or taste any found substance.

In the event of discovering a hypodermic needle the incident should be recorded and the following procedure should be followed in order to protect all persons:

Do NOT attempt to pick up the needle.
Cover the needle with a bucket or other container.
If possible, cordon off the area to make it safe.
Inform the Assistant Principal (Student Development).
Contact Environmental Health. Telephone :264083

Or - contact the caretaker who will retrieve the needle.

What to do in the event of finding or suspecting a pupil is in possession of a drug

Request that the student hand over the article(s). Having taken possession of the substance/paraphernalia, the procedure should be followed as above.

Extreme Care Should be Taken if Hypodermic Needles are Involved

If a student refuses to hand over articles a search may be required-it should be noted that:

Teachers can search Academy property, i.e. cupboards and trays without permission. Teachers should not search students or personal possessions eg bags. An enforced search by staff could be interpreted as an assault.

Procedures for dealing with a child suspected to be under the influence of a drug or substance.

Stay calm, place student in a quiet area, do not leave on their own, seek medical advice, place in recovery position, loosen tight clothing, attempt to establish what student has taken. Any suspected substances should travel with child if removed for treatment. Vomit should be safely collected where possible and also taken with the child (for analysis).

Limits of confidentiality

Students disclosing information about drug use by themselves, or by people they know, should be reminded that the teacher cannot offer absolute confidentiality. Parents have the right to be informed of any incident that could result in the potential harm of their child.

It should be noted that if the preservation of a confidence:

enables criminal offences to be committed or results in serious harm to the student's health and welfare; civil or criminal proceedings could ensue.

If rumours of drug misuse are disclosed the Assistant Principal (Student Development) should be informed who will assess the information and decide whether further action is to be taken.


In normal circumstances parents will be contacted. If the Assistant Principal (Student Development) assesses that the situation is a child protection issue then social services will be contacted in the first instance.

A student found in possession of illegal drugs would automatically be excluded for 5 days.

Return would only be with us….

Reserving the right to search - something not permissible with the remainder of the student body Gaining acceptance from family of a final written warning and that any further drug related incident (specified) would result in permanent exclusion

The student found in a group of students being investigated who was not smoking and/or in possession could be classed as a drug related incident but actual involvement would have to be proved.

A student found supplying drugs to another during Academy hours would be excluded permanently.

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