Uniform & Dress Code

We are very proud of our high standards and our policy regarding uniform reflects this. Within the local community our maroon blazer and high standards of dress are instantly recognisable and clearly identify our students amongst their peers.

Macmillan Academy uniform

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students and anyone arriving at the academy in non-uniform clothing can expect to be questioned about the reason. All students are expected to wear the following uniform:

  • Maroon blazer with badge*
  • Academy clip on tie (waist length)*
  • Plain white shirt with collar (including a top button) and sleeves (tucked into skirt/trousers)
  • Plain black or dark grey trousers with a zip at the front, or skirt (no leggings, jeggings, jeans or jean-type material, no pinstripes)
  • Skirts are to be plain, no pleats or buckles and worn just above the knee.
  • Dark grey/black socks or plain tights, no patterns
  • Plain black shoes (trainers, boots or canvas shoes are not acceptable)

* The academy blazer and tie are available from Ross's, 45 Borough Road, Middlesbrough.

None of these items should consist of ‘fashion wear’. Visible labels and branding of any type are not acceptable even on PE shorts.

Academy PE Kit - Motif8
  • Plain dark grey or black v-neck sweater or cardigan (worn under the blazer, not below, no zips)
  • Plain jacket or coat (not to be worn inside the academy buildings)
  • If a belt needs to be worn, it is to be plain black with a small plain buckle.
  • Hijab (either plain black or plain white only).

Students presenting themselves inappropriately to the academy may be withdrawn from lessons. Alternative uniform may be offered or parents/guardians asked to bring in appropriate uniform before the student returns to lesson. The academy reserves the right to decide what constitutes acceptable uniform.


1.            Lost Property

If you lose anything, please ask at student services to see if it has been handed in. If it has not, you should report the matter to your Personal Tutor.

All lost property should be handed in to student services. Finding and keeping an article which does not belong to you is a form of theft. Most property goes missing because of student carelessness. Look after your belongings carefully.

2.            Jewellery/Make-up

Students are allowed to wear the maximum of one small plain stud in each ear lobe and also a wrist watch. All other jewellery should be left at home. No make-up whatsoever is to be worn in Years 7/8/9. In Years 10 and 11 a discreet amount is permitted at the discretion of academy staff.

3.            Body Piercing
Students MUST NOT come to the academy with visible body piercing or with studs showing.

4.         Hairstyles

Hairstyles must not be of an exotic or severe nature. This includes dyeing of an unnatural hair colour, including streaks. Hair extensions and extremely short haircuts or styles with tramlines or patterns are not permitted. This also includes current trends, such as dip-dyed and multi coloured hair.

5.            Valuables

Students should not bring any expensive items or large sums of money into the academy. The academy will not accept responsibility for the security of expensive jewellery, cash and mobile phones/devices.

6.            Chewing  and  Bubble Gum

Students are NOT allowed to eat these in the academy because of the mess and damage caused to carpets, seats and clothing.

7.            Aerosols

Pressurised containers of any description are not allowed on the academy site.

Essential Equipment

You need to have with you for every lesson the following personal equipment:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Protractor and compasses
  • Ruler
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Coloured pencils
  • Calculator
  • Dictionary
  • Eraser


A very high standard of behaviour, politeness and manners are expected of every Macmillan Academy student.

Post 16 - Dressing for Success


We expect you to act as role models throughout the academy.  This is especially true in relation to the way that you dress.  The reasons that we have a dress code are as follows:

  • The academy is a professional environment and as such we expect you to dress in a professional manner
  • We are preparing you for the world of work where it is likely that many of you will have to adopt professional/business dress
  • We want you to take pride in how you look.  First impressions do count
  • You can still have some choice about what you do wear.

What is it?



Shirt with a  collar


Smart trousers


Optional: suit jacket, smart jumper/cardigan           

Smart top with sleeves

Smart skirt, trousers or dress (skirts and dresses must be of an appropriate length)


Optional: suit jacket, smart jumper/cardigan

Other points

  • Religious attire which conforms to the dress code is permitted
  • Any tattoos must be covered
  • All sports students must attend the academy in dress code and then change for sporting activities
  • Jeans are not a part of the dress code
  • Students who fail to comply with the dress code requirements will be asked to go home and change into appropriate clothes and return.

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