Child Protection

Academy uniform is compulsory. The academy takes great pride in its uniform which is highly respected across Teesside and encourages students to identify with Macmillan Academy by wearing its colours.

There are two forms of academy uniform:

  • Years 7 - 11 inclusive - The Macmillan maroon/dark grey uniform
  • Years 12 - 13 - Business Dress

Uniform Supplier

The official uniform supplier is Ross’s of Middlesbrough who are appointed to provide the full range of academy uniforms and clothing. The shop is located at:

45 Borough Road

Sixth Form clothing may be purchased from any suitable source at the discretion of parents.

Uniform List

The list of essential items of academy uniform has been kept as short as possible so that demands on family finances are minimised. The academy maintains a small stock of used items for emergency replacement or for cases of hardship. Uniform vouchers (£25) are available for those families in receipt of state benefits.

a. Years 7 - 11 Compulsory
Maroon blazer with badge Academy tie (to show chevrons) White shirt Trousers, dark grey or black Skirt, dark grey or black Shoes – black, plain with back (no trainers) Socks – plain black or grey Optional Black or grey sweater or cardigan (worn under blazer) Plain jacket, anorak or coat

b. Post 16 dress code
Dark tailored suit or jacket Dark tailored trousers or skirt Collared shirt & tie (males) Blouse or plain top (females) Note Sportswear, denim, logos and trainers are NOT permitted.

Optional (Post 16) Macmillan tartan tie (available from the Cashier’s Office)

c. Outdoor Learning
Parents are advised that other off-site activities will necessitate warm clothing. Black jogging bottoms may be worn in addition to skirts for these excursions.

d. Jackets
The Academy does not permit the wearing of denim jackets or jackets with logos or embroidered slogans. The Academy will not accept liability for lost jackets or coats.


It is vital that all items of clothing are named in order that they may be returned to their owners in the event of items being found. The following points are also important in relation to clothing and associated items.

a) Denim clothing and coats with adornments, diagrams, pictures or lettering are not allowed to be worn with academy uniform.

b) Training shoes must not be worn except during Physical Education lessons and certain sport related extension activities.

c) Appropriate footware must be worn for certain activities in the Engineering/Electronics workshops.

d) Jewellery must be limited to one pair of very small close-fitting studs worn at the bottom of the ear. Students who bring expensive jewellery to the academy will find that it is confiscated. We will not accept liability for ‘lost’ jewellery. Students should NOT bring jewellery to the academy.

e) For safety reasons no jewellery whatsoever may be worn in Physical Education, Drama or Engineering/ Electronics and long hair must be tied back in Engineering/Electronics, PE and Science.

f) Outdoor clothing must not be worn in the building.

g) Only black shoes are to be worn with academy uniform. Shoes should not be backless for health and safety reasons and heels should be of sensible proportions.

h) Skirts should not be of an inappropriate short length.

i) Hairstyles must not be of an exotic or severe nature. This includes brightly coloured dyed hair, tramlines etc. Short haircuts are not permitted below a ‘number two’.

Financial Hardship

a) We maintain a small stock of used items of uniform for emergency replacement. b) See page 18 for full details on assistance with financial hardship. c) Please contact the Deputy Principal (Mr A Jordan) should assistance be required.

PE & Sport Uniform

Information regarding the guidines for Physical Education kit can be found below:

Physical Educational Uniform Guidelines

Plain black hat and gloves may be worn in cold conditions. Please note that all garments must be plain (no manufacturer’s or team logos) and clearly labelled with the student’s name and tutor group.

At Macmillan Academy and in Physical Education we set very high standards with regards to uniform and clothing. In general, the students at the Academy follow these guidelines. However, it has come to our attention that some students are starting to bring inappropriate footwear to Physical Education lessons. For example: plimsolls, converse and 'van's.

Within our curriculum we take part in many high impact activities, and these types of footwear are just not suitable. They offer very little support when taking part in such activities.

In addition, the grip is not adequate enough when participating in activities on wet outdoor surfaces. To ensure that risks of injuries are reduced all students should wear footwear appropriate that is supportive and provides good grip.

Attached are examples of what footwear is appropriate and what is not.

We would appreciate it if you did not send your child to the Academy with any of the inappropriate types of footwear, for health and safety reasons they will not be allowed to wear them.

We have trainers at the Academy which students will be expected to borrow and wear until they bring a suitable pair to take part in.

Appropiate Footwear in PE & Sport

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that earrings are also not allowed in Physical Education lessons, if you son/daughter has recently had their ears pierced it is their responsibility to bring tape/plasters to cover them up.

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