Behaviour on Buses

The Academy behaviour policy extends to bus journeys to and from the Academy.

In other words, students are required to uphold the same high standards expected whilst on the Academy premises. Disciplinary action will be taken for:

  • Smoking (as with every public bus service in the country)
  • Vandalism to Stagecoach property e.g. bus seats
  • Leaving litter
  • Throwing cans/litter out of bus window
  • Fighting
  • Bullying
  • Swearing or foul language
  • Inappropriate behaviour towards the bus driver or members of the public


Given that the Academy buses serve over one third of Academy student population, we will have no hesitation in applying temporary or permanent term bus bans on individual students. We aim to ensure that all our students have a pleasant and safe journey to and from the Academy. Disciplinary action will take the form of:

  • Verbal warning (where appropriate)
  • Written warning
  • Temporary bus ban (up to half a term)
  • Permanent bus ban
  • Fixed term exclusion
  • Permanent exclusion

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