Behaviour in School

The Academy Behaviour Policy is essentially the combination of elements of the Macmillan Agreement (see later) and the role of staff in supervising it.

A positive approach is used in that we recognise and give praise for all achievement and success.

The Macmillan Agreement - Responsibility of Students

Students, in consultation with parents, are committed to: attending the Academy on time; attending punctually all timetabled lessons, registration, tutor periods and assemblies except when they have permission to be absent.

Having available at all times the equipment necessary for full participation in lessons; making full and proper preparation for classwork, completing all assignments on time and keeping an up-to-date homework record in the student planner.

Maintaining close discussion with Personal Tutor, Subject Teachers and Head of Year, especially when problems are perceived.

Consulting closely with parent\guardians regarding progress and, together, attending Parent Consultation evenings.

Taking part fully in the Enrichment Programme and any other approved creative, sporting or community service activities provided or endorsed by the Academy and encouraging parents\guardians to support the events organised by the Macmillan Association.

Abiding by the Academy regulations and displaying the highest standards of behaviour, including relationships with adults and fellow students, at all times.

Accepting with others in the Academy a shared responsibility for good conduct in and careful upkeep of the Academy furnishings, building and grounds.

Recognising personal responsibility to aim for the highest moral standards.

An individual student's consistent commitment is expected in all eight of these categories. This will be established with new students on admission to the Academy but needs to be continually reinforced for existing students by the Agreement being displayed on notice boards both in tutor and teaching bases; this is also done through Year and televised assemblies and by duty teams around the Academy.

Particular Requirements

Punctuality, in terms of arrival at the Academy each morning and at lessons, is an important requisite for life after as an adult. Together with the student's attendance record, this is often the main focus of interest when references are requested. The highest standards are expected and discussion with parents will be the result should standards drop.

Other than in the most exceptional circumstances, students in Years 7 to 11 are not allowed to leave classrooms during lessons, registration, Enrichment or tutorial time. Any students who, for medical reasons, have permission to leave lessons as they need, will carry a card issued by the Academy Nursing Sister, G McVeigh. Such students must always be allowed to leave unhindered.

Any other student on the corridors during curriculum time must carry a Classroom Departure Slip which will be handed back to the teacher on return to the classroom and passed by the teacher to the tutor on the day concerned. In this way, patterns of absence from lessons can be observed at an early stage and dealt with.

Eating and drinking in the Academy are permitted only in the Dining Room and, on sunny days, on the grass adjacent to the Dining Room.

The wearing of jewellery in the Academy is inappropriate. Students are permitted to wear only one wristwatch and one pair of simple stud earrings at the bottom of the ear. No other jewellery of any sort is allowed, with the sole exception of Medic Alert necklaces where these are necessary. Any students wearing inappropriate jewellery should be sent or taken to the appropriate Head of Year or to the Assistant Principal (Student Development) the item\s will be confiscated, labelled and stored safely, and returned at the end of the day. Staff have to be particularly careful in this respect as claims are made by parents when property has been mislaid.

Extremes of hair fashion and make-up are inappropriate; number one haircuts are not permitted. Discrete make-up is acceptable.

Uniform List:

Uniform requirements are widely-published and must be adhered to strictly. The Academy uniform is:

Years 7 - 11 (Compulsory)

  • Maroon blazer with badge.
  • Academy Tie.
  • White Shirt.
  • Trousers - dark grey or black.
  • Skirt - plain, dark grey or black.
  • Shoes - black, plain with back.
  • Socks\Tights - grey\black.


  • Plain grey or black v-neck sweater or cardigan, no zips or logos (worn under the blazer).
  • Plain jacket or coat.

Fashion trends are inappropriate; skirts should not be of an inappropriate short length. Shirts will be worn inside trousers and skirts; ties will be fastened but not loosely. On the corridors, blazers will be worn at all times although they may be removed in the classroom. During particularly hot weather the Assistant Principal (Student Development) may allow students to wear blazers only to and from the Academy; such a dispensation will always be communicated to staff and students and students have to carry blazers at all times.

Students are not allowed to smoke in the Academy building consistent with the No Smoking Policy. Students who loiter in toilet areas will be moved on.

Bullying in any form, physical, verbal or otherwise, is to be condemned and will not be tolerated under any circumstances whatsoever. The strongest measures are taken by the Academy to eliminate it completely.

The student planner is the student's most important possession. It is carried at all times and must be available each and every day for checking by tutors and parents and for the recording of homework. Should it be lost, it must be replaced immediately. New student planners can be purchased from the Cashier's Office.

Exercise and text books are expected at all lessons, together with an acceptance of instructions given by a member of staff about work. Any student who disrupts the learning of others will be dealt with severely.

Some items of equipment, not provided by the Academy, are required every day - pen, pencil, 30cm ruler, coloured pencils, eraser, pencil-sharpener, calculator, compass and protractor. Regular checks are made by the tutor and other members of staff to ensure that students have these items. Replacements can be purchased from the Cashier's Office.

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