Welcome to the Macmillan Academy Governors’ page.

We are currently a Board of Governors comprising 8 members. Each of us has a wide range of business and community interest as befits an academy of 1500 students drawn from across the Middlesbrough area.

We use our skills, knowledge and experience to fulfil the 5 core functions of governance, which are:

  • To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and direction
  • To hold the executive accountable for standards against benchmarks
  • To ensure solvency and probity
  • To ensure leadership complies with statutory regulations
  • To engage with stakeholders
As well as formal half termly meetings regularly reporting on established practice, we spend time in the academy engaging with students and staff. The full Board of Governors’ meetings follow a full agenda which allows us, on your behalf, to ensure the above takes place and to focus on specific areas such as progress in teaching, learning and assessment, whole education, safeguarding, finance and staffing matters. Our AGM is incorporated into the September meeting.

If you are interested in knowing more about the role of an Academy Governor, please contact me.

Dr Melanie Malden
Chair of Governors

Board of Governors Attendance Record - 2018/19

Board of Governors Attendance Record - 2017/18

Board of Governors Attendance Record - 2016/17

Board of Governors Attendance Record - 2015/16

Audit Committee Attendance Record - 2016/17

Audit Committee Attendance Record - 2015/16

The Board as of November 28 2017 is as shown below:

Dr M Malden | Chair of Governors (appointed 2014)
Appointed – 21.11.06

Ms N Smith | Vice Chair
Appointed 25.11.14

Parent Governors

Mrs M Magowan
Appointed 28.11.17

Mrs H Black
Appointed – 29.11.16


Mr A Bennett
Appointed 17.9.13

Mr P Latham | Principal

Mrs J Windham
Appointed – 20.5.14

In Attendance:

Mr A Jordan | Deputy Principal

Miss L Robson| Clerk to the Governors

There are also elected Patrons who may attend Board meetings as available. Their status reflects a significant contribution to the academy in their former roles as governors.

Lord Stockton | Patron
Appointed – 2.11.93

Mr B Hutchinson | Patron
Appointed – 13.7.90

Sir J Hall | Patron
Appointed 14.1.92

Historic (left within last 12 months):

Dr P Heywood
Appointed: 25.11.2014
Term of office ended: 28.11.2017

Mrs s McGill
Appointed: 25.11.2014
Term of office ended: 28.11.2017

Mr C Frieze
Appointed: 21.11.2006
Term of office ended: 28.11.2017

Mr K Fraser
Appointed: 1.9.2006
Term of office ended: 28.11.2017

Mr B Phillipo
Appointed: 23.11.1992
Term of office ended: 28.11.2017

Mrs J Cowley
Appointed: 23.2.1999
Term of office ended: 27.03.2018

Mrs Susan Cutler
Appointed: 23.11.2010
Term of office ended: 23.05.2017

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