Macmillan Academy is one of the few schools in the country to have its own state of the art Television Studio. In the Studio our students produce a range of media to be shown on the Academy TV network, or as part of their ongoing studies.

The Studio is very much a cross Academy facility and is used by all departments for the production of media and coursework. With video evidence a growing part of many courses run at Macmillan, a wide range of students of all ages and ability have the opportunity to experience and develop skills in a highly specialist area. Click on the link and take a look at the wide variety of media produced by our students in the video library.

The Studio Floor

In addition to the production of course work our students also produce a series of weekly news bulletins which are shown in the class room three mornings a week. It is Macmillan Academy's very own news service and takes a look at what the students have been involved in around the Academy and ranges from coursework to fieldtrips and of course achievements.

Our facilities include:

The 3 Camera Studio. This is where all the action takes place, whether on the Studio news set or on a set designed by our students. They can use this area to its full potential with full studio lighting and a range of cameras.

The Control Room.

This is the area where the students can monitor and record what is happening in the Studio. The control room is fully equipped with a range of mixing desks, monitors and recoding units.

The Edit Suite. All material recorded in the classroom or off site will require editing. The edit suite is where the students can produce their programmes, adding music, voice-overs and graphics using specialist computers optimised for video editing.

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