Organisation - Key Stage 4

Each year group is split into three bands (p, q and r) with five tutor groups of approximately sixteen students in each band.

Subject Hours
English Literature/Language 4
Mathematics 4
Science 6
Physical Education 2
Option A 3
Option B 3
Option C 3
Total 25

The KS4 option pools were modified in response to the changes in performance measures and the introduction of Progress 8 and Attain 8. One pool was removed in order to increase time in maths and the options subjects.

Option A Option B Option C
Computing (G) Computing (G) Computing (G)
French (G) French (G) French (G)
Geography (G) Geography (G Geography (G
History (G) History (G) History (G)
Spanish (G) Spanish (G) Spanish (G)
Art (G) Art (G) Art (G)
Business (G) Business (B) Business (G)
Dance (B) Food & Nutrition (G) Engineering (G)
Drama (G) Graphics (G) Food & Nutrition (G)
Enterprise (NCFE) ICT (G) Health & Social Care (B)
Health & Social Care (B) Music (G) ICT (G)
ICT (G) Religious Education (G) ICT (G)
Resistant Materials (G) Physical Education (G) Physical Education (G)
Resistant Materials (G) Religious Studies (G)  

In the most part students are free to make their own choices within these pools. The vast majority of students must select at least one EBacc subject from the option pools. Students with low levels of attainment in English and mathematics are invited to study our Enterprise course and are not required to study an Ebacc subject.

The Enterprise course in Option Pool A has been designed to allow a further degree of personalisation for a selected group of students. This course is designed to complement the Business BTEC in Pools A or B and is taught by both a member of staff from the Business and English Departments. Students on this course will develop both their Enterprise and problem solving skills as well as experiencing a range of activities designed to develop confidence. As part of the course they will obtain certificates in First Aid at work and Food Hygiene.

The options process begins in January with a series of assemblies, an open evening for parents, and a subject teacher consultation evening. Students receive a routes booklet that explains how the KS4 curriculum is organised and gives detailed information on each course.

This programme leads up to a 1:1 appointment with a senior member staff where parents and students have the opportunity to discuss their choice in detail.

A range of qualifications is available within Science. Higher attaining students have access to Triple Science, the rest of the cohort study Core Science in year 10. Most then follow this with Additional Science in year 11.

In English all students will study both English Language and English Literature GCSE.

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